What Are The Best Weight Loss Applications Of 2018!

What Are The Best Weight Loss Applications Of 2018!
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Weight loss apps are apps you can download on to your smartphones to track your weight loss process and its progress. These apps turn into your personal trainer, dietitian, and motivational system, all built-in to one accessible tool. These apps make it easy to track calories, get in shape and maintain it.

The internet is flooded with such apps and many of them are based on shoddy researches by self-styled fitness experts. In order to smoothen your transition from fat to fab, here is a compendium of best weight loss applications which will help you reach your fitness goal without any hiccups. Consider these your virtual weight reduction plans.

1. My Fitness Pal App

If we talk of one app which is acing the weight loss app game then it has to be my fitness pal app. When it comes to weight loss, it boils down to only one ratio of calories in to calories out. This app calculates your daily caloric needs and provide a wide database of over a million of foods with complete information about their calories, available macro and micro nutrients for example, if you are unsure about how many calories a chicken pasta with vegetable have, my fitness pal can help you with it. This application even generates various reports which gives you an overview of your total fat, carb and protein consumption so that you can alter your diet accordingly.

It can also help you to set appropriate weight loss goals based on your current BMI. The application even has a barcode scanner. You can scan barcodes of various packaged materials and this app will give you their nutritional information instantly.

2. Water Logged

Chances are you already are aware of the power of hydration when it comes to weight loss. This application helps you in staying hydrated and keeps track of meeting your daily drinking goals. This application also integrates with many other health apps. You can customise this app and record the size of your water bottle or tumbler on it. It basically helps you keep a tab on your liquid consumption and gives you frequent reminders so that you don’t miss out on even a single sip.

3. Aaptiv

Variety is the spice of life. If you have trouble sticking to one workout then download this sound-based app which will motivate you to keep doing what you are doing. Just put the headphones on during your workout and the voice of a trainer will guide you through a session with a music tailormade to a huge variety of workouts. As per the founder of this app, aaptiv is a netflix for fitness.

4. Happy Scale

Whenever you measure your weight on a scale, the number not only shows your weight it also gives a fair idea about your hormonal fluctuations and poop habits. This application considers all the fluctuations and develops a smooth easy-to-understand curve which helps you gauge your progress. This app will even predict what you will weigh in the future if you keep up your current habits.

5. BioForce HRV

Your heartbeat is a biomarker for your body’s current stress levels. Excessive fluctuation is a sign of fatigue and this app uses this data to determine how hard you should work out on the daily state of your nervous system.

To Sum It Up

A combination of these applications doesn’t only help you lose weight quickly but also helps target weight loss in a holistic manner and focus on overall wellness as well.

You must have come across various weight loss methods while researching on this hot topic. One such method is using weight loss pills. A safe and effective weight loss pill is Beach Slim Garcinia. It is a dietary supplement which helps you lose that flab in a natural way.

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